Agpeg Plus Esse

Product containg on Macrogol 3350 and Simethicone for bowel cleansing.



Agpeg plus esse is a product to be used to obtain an optimal intestinal cleansing.

The elimination of solid residues in the colon is essential in preparation for endoscopic, radiological and ultrasound examinations to obtain an accurate diagnosis.


Therapeutic category
Product for oral administration.


Pack size: 4 sachet of 60.98g of macrogol 3350 and simethicone.


Dosage and instruction for use
For a complete bowel cleansing, required for the preparation to some diagnostic tests (endoscopic or radiological examinations on the large intestine, abdominal ultrasound) and in other clinical conditions, follow carefully the informations provided by the center where the endoscopic examination is performed, which requires typically a controlled diet in the days before the exam.


The following doses are valid, except in case of different medical prescriptions.


For the extemporaneous preparation of the oral suspension:

1) Put the content of 2 sachets in 1 L of water, mix well and drink the homogeneous suspension within 1-2 hours, possibly taking 250 ml of suspension every 10-15 minutes;
2) Take additional 500 ml (half a liter) of water to assuming a total of 1.5 L (1 L of Agpeg plus esse and 500 ml of water);
3) After about 1 hour repeat the preparation with other 2 sachets and take in the same way the second liter of suspension (and the additional 500 ml of water).

Do not consume the product in case of:

  • known hypersensitivity to the product
  • intestinal stenosis
  • dynamic ileum
  • acute or chronic colitis
  • toxic megacolon
  • bowel perforation
  • gastric stasis
  • inflammatory bowel diseases (i.e. Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis)
  • weight lower than 20 kg or age under 2 years


Pregnancy and breastfeeding

There are not experiences of assumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The product should be used only following doctor’s advice.

The product can reduce the transit time in the intestine and therefore the absorption of drugs simultaneously administered orally. Please avoid taking them together: after taking a drug, leave an interval of at least 2 hours before taking Agpeg plus esse. If you are taking anticoagulants, antiplatelet or diabetes medications, consult your doctor or the Endoscopy Center for any dosage change.

It is a medical device 



Read carefully the warnings and the instructions for use.


Ministerial authorization of 30/03/2018.

Additional Information

Macrogol 3350, simethicone. Excipients: silicon dioxide, flavor, sodic saccharine. This product does not contain gluten.