Endvir Simplex

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Product with lactoferrin.

  • Adjuvant in the treatment of herpes simplex infections


Endvir Simplex is a product containing lactoferrin 6%, adjuvant in the treatment of Herpes simplex infections.

Lactoferrin properties ensure the formation of a mechanical barrier that prevents the binding and penetration of the virus into the host cells, preventing virus replication.
Therapeutic category
Product for topical administration
Pack size: tube 5 ml.

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Instructions for use
3 times per day until symptoms completely disappear. Endvir simplex should be applied as soon as possible after the beginning of the infection, to the lesions or to the areas where they are about to develop. It is very important to start the treatment when the first symptoms of infection (pain and/or burning and/or itching) or the lesions themselves, appear.
During pregnancy and breastfeeding, use only under medical control.
Verified hypersensitivity to one or more components.

It is a medical device 


Read carefully the warnings and the instructions for use.

Additional Information

Water, stringy Vaseline, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, marchol 102, lactoferrin, cetomacrogol bp1000, imidazoline urea, prevan, bronopol, tetrasodium EDTA.