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Food for special medical purpose.


Floridral is indicated for dietetic management or dietetic treatment in case of diarrhea. With addition of probiotics indicated to favor the balance of the intestinal microflora. With sugar and sweetener.


Pack size: 6 doses (sachet A + sachet B).


Dosage and instructions for use
Drink ad libitum or according to doctor’s recommendations. Dissolve the content of sachet A and sachet B in 200 ml of water.

Additional Information

Probiotic sachet (A): maltodextrin, probiotic: L. rhamnosus GG.
Salt sachet (B): dextrose, sodium citrate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, flavor, sweetener: sucralose. The product does not contain gluten.
Nutritional information
Average contents Per 100g Per dose (A+B) mmol/l
Energetic Value 1338,0 kJ/315,0 kcal 87,0 KJ/20,5 kcal  
Fats 0,01 g 0,001 g  
of which saturated 0,01 g 0,001 g  
Carbohydrates 78,7 g 5,4 g  
of which sugars 40,8 g 2,8 g  
Proteins (N x 6,25) 0,20 g 0,01 g  
Salt 10,1 g 0,69 g  
Sodium 4050,0 mg 275,4 mg 60
Cloride 3882,4 mg 264,0 mg 37
Potassium 2313,5 mg 157,3 mg 20
Citrate 7942,9 mg 540,1 mg 14
L. rhamnosus GG 73,5 x 109 cfu* 5 x 109 cfu*  

*cfu: coloning forming units.
One dose provides no less than 5 billion live cells of L. rhamnosus GG.
This value is guaranteed until the expiration date for the product properly stored.